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Henriette van der Does (MA)

Art Psychotherapist & Coach

"when words are difficult or fall short."


What is Art Psychotherapy?

Art psychotherapy is a non-verbal therapy for all ages. Like any other therapy, art therapy is offered in a safe and confidential space, facilitated by the therapist.


In art therapy various techniques can be used, such as painting, modelling, collage, drawing and sandbox therapy in order to explore and to better understand the inner world and to bring it back into balance where necessary.

Art therapy is not an art lesson or a recreational activity, and you do not need to have experience with the techniques. The therapy can also be combined with talking.


The power of the non-verbal

Whilst working with art materials, another part of the brain is activated than when you would talk about your feelings. This is the part of the brain where all non-verbal memories are stored which you simply cannot reach through language. This can have very surprising and/or revealing results



Who is Art Therapy suitable for?

Art therapy is suitable for all ages and can be used for the treatment of all kinds of disorders such as fears, sleeping problems, depression, burnout, but also as guidance in divorce, mourning and other drastic changes that throw a person out of balance.

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